‘Rebels’ and Reservation debate

Hope everybody knew of the Reservations proposed by the Central Govt in higher educational Institutions and the Agitations in Northern India followed by them. The same ’qualification-ability-survival of the fittest’ kind of arguments surfaced and the Central Govt has temporarily withdrawn it. When mandal commission recommendations came out, same kind of protests took place in the North.In TamilNadu already 69% reservation has been implemented.

The naive argument of equality comes from the ignorance of the deep core prevalent inequality. Though the reservations cannot eradictae the total inequality, it can cause a shift in the status quo and can provide economical upliftment to atleast some sections of the deprived people. The ultimate solution will be free and compulsary education with a homogeneous education system all over the country bridging all the divides. Hence the Reservations are need to be Implemented and the protests need to focus on a homogeneous free education sysytem and not on targeting the oppressed.

Medicos demand for a pure merit based system since they argue that medicine is a field where quality will fall if reservations were implemented.well, the prerequisite of skill and ability is opportunity.when oppurtunities are under stake with an inequal, unjust educational system, reservations are inevitable.Morever these Medicos who argue die-hard for ’quality’ and ’standards’ never got on to streets against commodification of education or commercialization of medicinal profession.But whenever there is a shift in their share, they start the hue and cry for ’equality’ and ’quality’.

The idea on ’compelling’ an organisation for reservation is all the same ’quality-phobia’. Allocating reservation doesn’t mean that opportunites will be given only to the poor-skilled. why are we so cocksure that when reservation comes, underqualified will only be the result?how are we so determined even before giving the opportunities? is open-quota or employment based on free-will(converse of compulsion)has produced only high-qualified? it shows the casteist screen and the crude ill-opinion of so-called ’lower sections’ that covers all our minds.

Regarding the proposal of Increasing the number of seats, Narayana Murthy has strongly criticised the govt’s Idea. he says many institutional issues need to be sorted out to increase the number of seats and overnight change is impossible. I find this Idea is again an upper-caste chauvinistic one. hope tamil guys know this one.when a transport corporation was named under a scheduled caste historical figure some years ago, upper caste men denied to accept it and set those buses ablaze. eventually an eye-to-eye caste fight broke out and the ultimate result was names of leaders were removed from all transport corporations . Bottom line is whenever oppressed sections demand their share, upper caste chauvinism is ready to break even the whole.

let these arguments be aside.

For centuries and centuries, scheduled caste people are the scavengers of this country. if the govt proposes to introduce reservation in sanitary works department, will this much noise would surface? will this much debate would take place on ’qualification’? why nobody questions that 100% reservation of lowered castes?


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