aaila! kya movie mamu!

‘Lage raho munna bhai! ‘ is rocking the town now. After the tremendous success of ’ Munnabhai MBBS ’, i felt this one is not going to be up to the mark of the prior one, as sequels seldom workout in india. but after watching the movie, what to say? waat lagaa mamu!

if in the previous movie, munnabhai turns to ’dadagiri’ (don) to ’dhavagiri’ (medicine), here he turns to ’gandhigiri’ (gandhism in mumabaiyich style). he follows gandhi, preaches his sayings and what follows is a riot of laughter with some goody-goody gandhian thoughts underlined.munnabhai(sanjay dutt), circuit(arshad warzi) and lucky singh(boman irani) steal the show with their histrionics.

I am not in a blind praise for the movie. The cult hero of munnabhai touches the ’aam aadmi’ and make them laugh and to some extent cleansed with laughter. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this movie fulfills the deprivation of the children cinema in india to some extent. it would be proper to say that ’munnabhai’ has started the ’gandhigiri’ for good popular cinema. Instead of stinking with pyar-vyar and item number craps, if bollywood goes on with a soul-search on munnabhai’s success, it can really turn in to a new leaf. Till then, ’Lage raho munna bhai’!


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