The Spectre of Periyar is Haunting Tamilnadu!*

Hope everybody knew of the desecration of Periyar statue by Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) members in Srirangam on last Thursday. The incident drew contempt from political parties of all corners. Cadres of Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (PDK), Peoples Art and Literature Association (PALA) and its associate organizations are in the forefront of agitations against the vandalism of HMK. In the past two days, the agitations had taken the form of burning photographs of Ram, the Hindu God by the PALA cadres (a form of struggle against Brahminic hegemony carried out by Periyar himself at his times) and ransacking a Brahminic mutt in Salem by PDK men. Some 38 members of the above the organisations have been arrested and Govt is planning to detain them in National Security Act (NSA), a draconian law. It’s ironical to note that those who support Periyar are being arrested under Goondas and NSA, while the miscreant HMK men are arrested under normal charges.

H.Raja, State Vice President of BJP says “Shifting the statue would be the only solution. We have no objection to the installation of the statue as such. Let them install it anywhere even in Srirangam. But, locating it in front of the Srirangam Rangnathaswamy Temple is a deliberate attempt to hurt the sentiments of Hindus” and ‘Intelligent’ Hindus buy that argument. Some ignorant idiots even argue that there was no attempt made to erect the statue before mosques or churches.

In Tamilnadu, you can very well see that Periyar statues are very near to mosques or churches. One simple question arises, will this much of mayhem would have been created, if the statue is erected before some mariamman or mundakanniamman temple**? Does the Hindu stalwarts protested with such ferocity when the past Jayalalitha Govt banned the animal sacrifice in so-called ‘Hindu’ Temples ‘hurting the sentiments’ of so-called ‘Hindus’?. So it’s not the ‘Hindu’ sentiment, but the ‘Brahmin sentiments’ are getting hurt since the Srirangam Temple falls under the Agama framework of Temples which are unquestionable Brahminic power centers for centuries. So the next question may be whether its right ‘Hurt’ the sentiments of Brahmins? Well if prostitution, arrack shops and all sorts of ‘unholy’ things are allowed in the ‘holy’ Srirangam, and when all those things don’t ‘hurt’ pious Brahmins or the so-called ‘Hindus’ to agitate with, then why not Periyar?

Pls note. Periyar statue is not unveiled inside Srirangam Temple but only outside the temple, though Bharathidasan wished to do so. Certainly, the act of throwing petrol bomb in Ayodhya Mandapam (Yesterday Night) at West Mambalam is a conspiracy to fuel the fire. Neither PDK nor PALA have orchestrated their agitations in a clandestine way like this one while HMK or its other ‘Hindutva’ splinters are well-known for this kind of covert and coward acts which is evident even in the statue desecration; hence, it won’t be wrong if we say this must also be an act perpetrated by the HMK or its other ‘Hindutva’ splinters itself to create the turmoil.

In short, the marginalized ‘Hindutva’ or Brahminic Fundamentalist splinter groups are trying to hatch a chaos and to fish in the troubled waters. The history of all those groups spearheaded by Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) shows it clearly. The trajectory of Shiv Sena is evident for the fascist vandalism as a political course. When Shiv Sena started this track in the last decades, nobody found it dangerous and political organisations stopped themselves from criticizing the inaction of Law and order Machinery, which led to the fascist growth of Shiv Sena.

The power of Fascist thugs doesn’t lie in their politics but the success of their maneuvers in inculcating lies and hatred in the minds of majority people. Hence both in street and paper, these vicious measures need to be fought out vehemently and crushed from the very existence; or the Fire set by the Brahminic fundamentalists will burn the lives of people as it did in Ayodhya, Gujarat and all other infamous episodes.


*Like the lines of preamble in communist manifesto,’The Spectre of communism is haunting Europe’

** temples of local gods, mostly worshipped by non-brahmins.

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5 thoughts on “The Spectre of Periyar is Haunting Tamilnadu!*

  1. this article only betrays the ignorance of the author. How many EVR staues can he show whioch are near a mosque or a church? Hardly a handful.Also the miscreants were not brahmins. When the so called secular govt & secularists condemned the damge to the staue why did they not do the same when the atatckers atacked the hapless brahmins?The author has been blinded by his anti brahmin views & hence his views.A view of a typical misguided periyarite.


  2. //Hardly a handful.// so that doesn’t makes any difference?judgment accepted sir!//Also the miscreants were not Brahmin’s.//even the killers of Gujarat are not Brahmins, but we call it ‘Brahminic Fascism’. It’s not the birth origin of the perpetrators that determine their act but their ideological underpinnings.//When the so called secular govt & secularists condemned the damge to the staue why did they not do the same when the atatckers atacked the hapless brahmins?//Some time it happens like that. but let me ask you isn’t the so-called sacred thread is not a violence on others?..a symbol of pompousness and caste chauvinism?//A view of a typical misguided periyarite.//Thanks for the branding.i appreciate your boldness of making such a statement behind the Ananoymous screen.


  3. EVR was a coward. He did not have the guts to criticize anyone except Brahmins. He critcised Hinduism under the garb of ant brahminism. That is becos he & his followers are coolies of british. They are funded by foreign missionaries. Cooliekku mar adikira pasanga.

    Ithuthaan paghutharivu.


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