Thirigula Thirigula ochandhi Naxalbari, Nemu maraname ledhandi Naxalbari! *

(Naxalbari will come again and again, it never dies)

The ongoing implacable struggle of the singur peasants has once again exposed the real face of CPI (M). Jyothibasu, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and the leadership gang of CPI (M) stand naked of their masks. Of course, Mamata plays her political drama, but CPI (M) cannot deceive the cadres and people by charging the protests are only due to the incitement of the opposition parties. The rape and killing of Tapasi malik, the atrocities heaped out on Medha patkar and the protesters are recreating Naxalbari. Naxalbari…the untold story…

In 1967, when the armed peasants and cadres belonged to CPI (M) of naxalbari, a small village in siliguri district of west bengal arose for seizure of lands throwing away the CPI(M) leadership, when the Beijing radio of people’s republic of China praised the revolution as ‘spring thunder over india’, ‘revolutinary’ CPI(M) which was in the power in an 11-party alliance and Jyoti Basu, the home minister delivered their ‘Proletarian duty’ by crushing the struggle in full teeth. When the CPI (M-L) blossomed out of the inspiration of naxalbari went to fragments, due to the brutal repression and the left-deviated, adventurist lines followed, ruling classes and revisionists rejoiced that Naxalbari is dead.

But after 39 years of Naxalbari, today various organisations out of the yesteryear CPI (M-L) with their own retrospection are still in the battlefields. Now, singur is turning in to Naxalbari. CPI (M) cannot escape from Naxalbari, as Naxalbari never dies and it never ceases to haunt until revisionism and class struggle exist.

* a telugu song by subbarao panigrahi, a great poet- fighter.


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