Vote for Nero!

Again a forwarded message propped up. This time too on Kalam, for requesting the extension of his tenure. As a ‘True Indian’ I couldn’t remain without posting my signature.

—————-forwared message—————–
Hi Guys,

Our honorable president period ends by 2007. He had been informed not to continue. Some youngsters of INDIA set a site given below for requesting the Indian government to extend his period for the next five years. If you are willing Dr.APJ to continue as president then you can enter your support in that website. Hurry UP. Please forward it to all Indians.

Click on the link and just enter ur name and mail id. That’s it.’s totally shameful to see only 90,000 signatures!! . World powers already started to recognize India’s power and strength. We need dignified leaders like Dr.APJ to lead the world biggest democracy..

Let’s start signing and forward to all true Indian..

—————-my signature—————–

Of course, My Vote is always for Abdul Kalam Iyer for the presidential post. Who else can fit the cameo so perfectly, if not him? And I oppose all other nominations and in particular of Medha patkar.

Till date there are no defined qualifications for becoming the President of India. But Kalam Iyer showed it. You need to be a monkey to become the president of India. Don’t mistake me, I mean Gandhi’s monkey. Never see any Evil, Never speak any Evil, Never hear any Evil… Well even if only evil is the reality, you need to shut all your organs and to chant what you know. Do you think Medha Patkar has this qualification? Which thinking creature of India couldn’t respond back vehemently on Narendra Modi except our lovely Kalam Iyer? Do you think this ‘rebel-type’ Medha would do that and what is the assurance that she won’t use the only weapon of the president, Article 356 to dismiss any rogue Govt? No way to believe her.

Many have mentioned that he inspired the younger generation towards science. Regarding Science, of course who else can match him? Even Einstein is not as ‘clever’ as APJ as you know he refused to develop nuclear bombs and was thrown away from Germany. Result, He couldn’t become the president of even Zambia. This Einstein was so ‘ignorant’ that he said nuclear bombs would destroy the whole world and scientific temperament cannot be sold for Jingoism and war. What is science after all? Developing nuclear bombs, developing missiles…what else?

Currently When Manmohan singh signed the servile nuclear treaty with Bush, many ‘ignorant’ scientists of india went for criticizing it. They said as per the treaty US president will submit a report every year in the US senate on the nuclear reactors of India and US will monitor each and every single nuclear reactor which is just a mockery of sovereignty and would make our progress doomed. As usual our Kalam didn’t spoke a word till date and went with his sweet smile. In Today’s Newspaper also he has given a lecture on Self-reliance.

Kalam Iyer is too wise in choosing his intended audience as school children. Children are always fond of stories especially from old people. That infamous ‘Kalam in Wonderland’ story, I mean ‘Vision 2020’ that gonna appear all in a sudden on April 1st, 2020 is such a superb science fiction that even beat the sales rate of Harry potter in India. What about his goody- goody oaths? Whenever we hear that we feel the ‘Wings of fire’ erupting from all parts of our body.

Presidents are usually called ‘Rubberstamps’ that their job is just to nod to the ruling alliance. As an exception, K.R Narayanan, who was the president before Kalam Iyer, spoke of Dalit sufferings and as usual he couldn’t win the hearts of the Indians who want to feel proud of their nationality. But Kalam is not like the older ones. He refused to adhere the protocols and went on with his preaching. It’s a big, big achievement you know.

let me remind Kalam was not elected but appointed as president by the BJP Govt for one single reason that he lived as a live example of what Sangh parivar dreamt of a muslim. “The Gita-quoting, veena-playing, vegetarian, Ram-bhakt, celibate, teetotaler, non-Urdu speaking technocrat Muslim…” Vajpayee became jubilant and screamed, “That’s my (Muslim) man!” and Kalam became the president, when ordinary Muslims were butchered in the streets of Gujarat.

So, as india progress, we have to see more and more Gujarats and Vidharbas. Hence we need Kalam as the president to play fiddle amidst the chaos and we shall all live happily ever after in dreams.

read some more ‘unpopluar’ articles:

Tho bolo(say),
om shanti om
shanti shanti om…….
Bande mataram!

With high respects, i present a photo show titled ‘Hum saath saath hain’ (we all are united).


2 thoughts on “Vote for Nero!

  1. தோழர்,சரியான நேரத்தில் பதிவிட்டிருக்கிறீர்கள்.. அரசவை கோமாளியும் ஆபத்தான கிரிமினல்களும் சேர்ந்து நிற்கும் படம் கலாமின் மீதும், அவரை தூக்கி வைத்துக்கொண்டாடுகிற நடுத்தரவர்க்கத்தின் பாழாய் போன சமூக அக்கறையின் மீதும், எல்லையில்லாத கோபத்தை ஏற்படுத்துகிறது…தோழமையுடன்ஸ்டாலின்


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