Chak De Tamilnadu!

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The vast apolitical masses of India, especially in North India are euphoric today with the Indian win in the T20 world cup and we hear ‘Chak De India’ everywhere from overjoyed News Channels to streets. At the same time, the political scenario of the country is facing a crucial challenge of North-south divide. It would be simplistic to say it as North-South divide as it is more than that. It is the fight between Brahminic cultural hegemony and the undying Dravidian cultural resistance.

Everyone would have known the recent turn of events on Ram Sethu or Adam’s bridge issue. Hindutva brigade tried to catch the attention before and after the Subramanian Swamy Case in SC that led to temporary stalling of the Sethu Samudram Canal Project. But it couldn’t reap any sensation as expected and eventually all the protests went without notice. With the Affidavit of ASI, it got a fresh chance to play its vicious game but if the congress government would have acted firm by not withdrawing the affidavit and standing by the ASI, then the RSS goons would have got no card to hold. It would have ended merely shouting in North as the political outfits of Sangh parivar has already degenerated and exposed to a certain extent. By outwardly posing insecured and inwardly showing its true Hindutva color, Congress created the plane for the issue repeating what it did in Babri Masjid.

Hindutva forces saw the readily available meat offered to them and seized the opportunity. Karunanidhi’s remark on Ram was encountered by BJP with its usual naïve-posed fascist tone that ‘belief cannot be questioned’ and questioning them even by citing their own scriptures is ‘hurting their sentiments’. Karunanidhi’s daughter home was attacked and two innocent Tamilians got killed in the bus torching in Bangalore.

To everyone’s surprise, Karunanidhi suddenly turned offensive against his one-time allies with his series of remarks exposing the Brahminic, anti-people, immoral character of Ram. BJP got stunned for a day as they may have felt ‘its getting serious’ as for the past several decades after the demise of Periyar, there was virtually no big massive attack on Ram.

But Vedanti, a former lok-sabha member, head of Ram janmabhoomi trust who recently caught red-handed in the sting operation of CNN-IBN in black-money laundering, came up with a ‘fatwa’ by offering gold for the person’s weight who beheads the devil that opposes Ram, clearly indicating Karunanidhi in full media light. He reminded the fury of the Muslim MP’s who attacked Taslima Nasreen recently in Hyderabad. He can certainly offer as you can get a clue of how much huge ‘commission’ he gets for the ‘social service of cleaning the black money’.

This time sentiments of DMK workers ‘got hurt’ and with Arcot Veerasamy flagging off with a press release, DMK men attacked the BJP offices ferociously all over Tamilnadu on last sunday. Till today effigies of Advani and Vedanti are burnt. Protests cover all over Tamilnadu and stiff attacks were carried out even in the BJP strongholds like Kanyakumari. The majority of Tamilnadu elated to see the attacks on BJP offices because of the Dravidian cultural underpinnings and also by and large everybody got outraged by the brazenness of Vedanti and the recent attacks in Bangalore. At last now Hindutva is at the receiving end after years and years.

Vedanta’s antecedents show his ‘dignified’ profile. He is so famous for his comments when CNN-IBN spoke to him after the black money expose. He burst out against the ‘anti-national Muslims'(CNN-IBN) whom he described as: ma&*r ch*^& and kat£$. He was complained in Police by one Sam Verma, an NRI, that Vedanti was threatening his trust by making a statement that ‘his trust is a terrorist den by employing Muslims and Christians.’ He filed in the complaint that Vedanti’s posture is due to the spiritual reason that he denied to offer ‘a new car’ to him as ‘Dakshina’ for a pooja held in the trust.

Regarding SSCP, it is a project for revenues on the interests of the ruling classes and imperialists. It is projected that it will create jobs and commerce. But on the contrary even in 80’s itself, thousands of T.S.A workers were thrown out of jobs in Tuticorin Harbor and today all harbors are computerized and the job creation is just a lie. The commercial interests are questioned by experts like this article in EPW. (Thanks to Bhupinder) The ecologists oppose the project and tried their best to voice their concerns but were unheard. While this kind of rational opposition from experts should be pushed forward and taken in to account, the false cry of BJP and ADMK should be exposed vehemently. To cite from the past, it should be noted that it was the ministry under Mr.Thirunavukkarasar, now the leading figure of Tamilnadu BJP Unit, ordered for cutting the canal in Path No: 6 or Adam’s bridge during the NDA rule and it was the same ADMK which vowed for achieving SSCP by removing the Adam’s bridge in its 2001 electoral manifesto.

Now BJP has announced for a national level campaign for Ramar Sethu, another Rath Yatra using the opportunity. Bhupinder Singh brilliantly exposes the ongoing drama in his post with ease. While whipping the saffron brigade satirically he notes on Karunanidhi, “This would be amusing were it not just so silly. Not so much the question of Lord Rama’s engineering degree but that of Karunanidhi remembering that there was once upon a time a movement called the self respect movement that he belonged to and that had posed questions like these in circa 1967. The era of Rip Van Winkles is not yet over! Soon he may also remember that Periyar garlanded Lord Rama’s statues with slippers.”

While sharing the same surprise with him, I would like to say whether Karunanidhi remembers or not, it’s time for the anti-brahminic, democratic, revolutionary forces of Tamilnadu to remind India that it is the land of Periyar who garlanded Lord Rama’s statues with slippers and burnt Gita.



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