Joker of the Year – 2007!

A thought kept on ticking in my mind that I am not properly recognizing the achievements of our netas (leaders). Some day history may charge me that I didn’t rewarded them what they deserved, when they deserved it dearly. I am not gonna answer those persons who will ask, ‘who is history?’. Hence I came up with the idea of “Joker of the Year – 2007″ Awards. I formed a special jury panel with eminent personalities. We received three entries.

1. Madhu Koda, Chief minister of BJP government in Jharkand.

2. Uma Bharti, Bharti(ya) Jan Shakthi party leader.

3. HR Bharadwaj, a congress leader, Law Minister of UPA government in centre.

Before announcing the results, let me take you to the show.

Entry – 1

Madhu Koda during a brief speech at the Congress Bhavan on the occasion of Indira Gandhi’s death Anniversary (Oct-31,2007) said, “Today is also Sonia Gandhi’s martyrdom day … Sonia Gandhi laid down her life fighting for the nation … Sonia Gandhi sustained bullets in her chest…”. CNN IBN reported that it’s not once or twice but throughout his speech he referred Late Sonia Gandhi in high regard and asked people to follow her path.

Entry – 2

Uma Bharti said former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his deputy L K Advani should apologise to the nation for their mistake. She said the order for “demolition of the setu (bridge)” was given by BJP leader and shipping minister Shatrughan Sinha in the NDA government in which she also had a ministry portfolio. Retired Hindutva activist Govindacharya also charged the same some days before. It is alleged that when Uma Bharti made the statement an old hindi song was playing in the background. “ Jo tum ko ho pasand wahi baat karenge, tum din ko agar raat kahoge tho raat kahenge” (I’ll speak what you wish. if you say it’s night, I’ll utter the same even if it’s day)

Entry – 3

After withdrawing the Archeological Survey of India affidavit in Supreme Court on Adam’s Bridge issue, Law Minister HR Bharadwaj immediately called the press He made a mind-blowing statement, “As the Himalaya is Himalaya, as the Ganga is Ganga, Ram is Ram.”

We, the panel, believe it’s a mischief that HR Bharadwaj’s comment was made as an entry to our show. Actually scientists from all over the world have claimed that Bharadwaj’s comment has solved the mystery which not even Einstein was able to. A simple question, “is cat is a cat and a dog is a dog?”. Since his comment has contributed so much to science, we felt it can seldom be called as joke. Hence we rejected it.

Some of the Jury members noted that though Uma Bharthi’s entry can be accepted, the lynchosarkoma-amnesia suffered by her and the involvement of some mysterious substance called ‘pyar ka chakkar’ (The effect of Love) should be taken in to account. So her entry was also rejected.

Hence, here by we announce that, undoubtedly, Madhu Koda is the winner of ‘Joker of the Year – 2007.’ We request Late Advaniji and Late Manmohan Singhji to preside the function and present the award to him. We request the music band to play the song ‘Yeh dosti hum nahin chodenge’ (We’ll never leave this friendship), when they come to the stage.

Thaaliyan! (clap your hands!)


2 thoughts on “Joker of the Year – 2007!

  1. I strongly condemn the Juries for not including Yediyurappa of Karnataka, Former Deputy Chief minister. He said in the second week of November when JD(S) again pulled their leg,”Gowda family put Black magic on Me’. He said that he even know where they did puja for this. What we understand is that he become a Mental because of the recent fallout of BJP from the power dome.Poor fellow…..Asuran


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