Lajja on us!

Recently read an article by one Mr. Soroor Ahmed, a man much worried about getting neglected by mainstream news papers, has written some vague comments and arguments against Taslima Nasreen. I replied to him. My reply is given below.

In my opinion, i simply don’t care about the so-called ‘literary value’ of Lajja, the only book i have read of Taslima’s. may be i’ll be called a bingujarati in literature in this debate as i have not read any other book of her. But, what was said in Lajja is a documented truth of what happened in Bangladesh, of how muslim ruffians perpetrated rape,loot, arson etc., etc., exactly in the same way the saffron thugs did in this ‘holy’ land, the land of ‘unity in diversity’ .

This weak argument of saying ‘everything-is-for-sensation’ is more or less of how modi responds to attacks on him. i don’t care about what Taslima said on Mohammad or on bengali intellectuals. Taslima is not the person to defame Mohammad than the caliphs, sheikhs and sultans . we know what all these god-fearing, five time worshipping, devout, arab sheikhs do in kerala, marrying minor girls and how maulvi’s help them out. If the sentiments of muslims are not hurt by all these atrocities, if these deeds are not seen as blasphemous, i don’t know how they can claim Taslima’s words are blasphemous.

It’s a harsh truth. Taslima is getting treated like a criminal. Nandigram murderers are wholly responsible for it. The true secularists and the democratic forces of india have not also really helped her because we had also let her suffer as we are unable to overpower this situation. The
silence is getting bigger to every issue, from Gujarat to Nandigram to Taslima. This dangerous silence is alarming. It’s Lajja on us. In the words of Arundhati Roy,

“I feel very bad for her because, let me say this, her’s is actually the tragedy of displacement. Once, she has been displaced from her home. She has no rights. She is a guest and she is being treated very badly. She is being humiliated.”


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