Caveats all the way!

“Liberals often make the mistake of believing that free speech is a fundamental right given to us by the Constitution — and that when it is curbed, either by the state or by vigilante militias, it is because the Constitution is being subverted. This is not true. Free speech is not our constitutional right. It is a contained right, beset with caveats that are always used by the powerful to control and dominate those who are powerless,”

– Ms. Arundhati Roy in the press conference held in New Delhi in support of Taslima Nasreen on Feb 14, 2008

The Next day, after voices raised by notable radical forces of the country, Taslima Nasreen’s Visa extended to another six months by the ‘generous’ Indian government. Ya, this time too they didn’t miss out their ‘advice’. The foreign office spokesperson has said,

“We expect that they (Taslima) do not undertake actions that could hurt the sentiments of the many communities that make up our multi-religious and multi-ethnic nation. These are the same restraints which we in India follow. We expect nothing less from our guests.”

Well, Sirji, Better preach your moral lessons to Hosts(Thackreys, Modi etc., etc.,) first and then to guests.

The complete press statement by the Forum for the Protection of Free Speech and Expression is available here.


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