Bad Morning Mumbai!

While watching the blood boiling images of Mumbai, cynically I got reminded of Vidya Balan saying “Good Morninnnnnnng Mumbai” in Lage Raho Munnabhai and sadly sighed on the bad and horrific morning mumbai is facing with. I have least intetions to vent out my angst as i don’t believe in such writing. But what has happened is really breathtaking. I am not much concerned about the elites who got killed or about the praised uniformed men whose credibility is debatable, but i was shocked to see the images of the indiscriminate shooting in the street from the hijacked police vehicle and a man shouting writhing in pain with his bullet pierced hand.

This callous and brazen act of the so-called terrorist organisation and the way in which this drama has unfolded reminds me of the Parliament attack of BJP rule. I couldn’t help myself getting the doubt whether it can be an act to do away the focus the recent malegaon blasts trial is drawing. The trial first of its instance by which for the first time in their history, Indian media houses are touching the henceforth untouchable word, Hindu Terrorism. The timing, the precision of targets, for example the killing of Hemant Karkare, the chief investigator of malegoan blasts, and the unofficial reports of CBI officers getting killed which wouldn’t have been possible with out an intelligence link and leak tempt this guess. But we cannot pursue more in this guess, as we don’t belong to the goebbels school of thought efficiently practised by golwalkar school of barbarism.

Now we are in a fix. It has become extremely tough to expose and attack the Hindutva venom in the minds of majority hindus with the overshadowing recent attacks, which are in real, the political as well as physical suicidal attempts of so-called mujahideens. The so-called holy warriors are indeed putting the lives of crores of muslims in danger for whom they claim to revenge which is sheer rubbishness. we can very well guess the lok sabha elections will definitely favour Lal Krishna Advani and  with the glooming world economic crisis, saffron will darken the country atleast temporarily. Tough days are ahead and with resent we need to accept that we can expect more bad mornings. Hope progressive forces of Mumbai will help the ordinary people in this troubled day and it’s time the real revolutionary forces of this country switch the gears and fight against the fascist backlash that is to follow.

Image Courtesy: Mumbai Metlogs


One thought on “Bad Morning Mumbai!

  1. sad state of affairs
    now dec 6 will be a problem date and a political date
    religious fanatics will have a field day
    may the hindu gods and allah show some mercy


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