Raj Thackrey Missing?

I came across a comment in Rediff which is giving a near to every minute update on Mumbai Happenings. The comment by one Mr.Bolo India follows.

Raj Thackrey!
by Bolo India on Nov 28, 2008 02:13 PM  Permalink

Guys pls give me raj thackrey and Narayan Rane’s number…don’t know where hide when all this happen. Where are their goons?…they are required in Taj and Oberoi because Army & Navy & NSG have denied participating on account of alleged regionalism of Mr. Thackrey…Waise bhi Raj ke goonde bahut kudatey hain….unhe oberoi aur taj ke top floor is kudao…militant ko maar gheerane ke liye!

I Reached to Raj Thackrey’s number. I have given the full transcript of our telephonic chat below. for the sake of readers, I have given the transcript in English as you all know he speaks only shudh(pure) marathi.

me: Hallo is it Raj?
Raj: Who’s this?
me: I am 1084 who writes a blog. can i speak to Raj?
Raj: Where r u calling from?
me: aamchi mumbai sir. but am i speaking to Raj?
Raj: ya, go ahead. but tell me do you have any links with any TV or magazine?
me: no sir.
Raj: what do you want?
me: I want to ask one question sir.
Raj: will you publish our chat?
me: No sir, it’s for sure.
Raj: okie. but be sure of not publishing it. if you publish you know what will happen. i mean generally we are non violent but my men go out of my control often.
me: oh..no..no sir…whole country knows sir..who will dare to?
Raj: okie. but strictly one question.
me: okie sir.
Raj: okie. proceed.
me: Sir, it’s not my question alone but every one is asking. Where is Raj Thackrey and MNS activists(for heaven’s sake, I was speaking to Raj Thackrey. I cannot use the correct term goondas) when Mumbai is under attack after all they are the proclaimed saviours of Marathis?
Raj: See the problem is not for marathis but for outsiders like US, UK citizens. so it is for their country men to fight and not MNS.
me: ??? but sir there was a shoot out in bazaar and hospital too, in which ordinary maharashtrians got hurt and killed.
Raj: That’s where the problem starts. The panwalahs from bihar have occupied the bazaar. They lured the innocent marathis to come to the bazaar. so it’s very big conspiracy.
me: That’s mind blowing sir. no one did thought in this angle.
Raj: ya, actually there is the problem. except me nobody thinks of the dangers that are engulfing Marathis from outsiders. but i strongly condemn terrorists for taking the foreigners as hostages.
me: That’s the spirit sir. i always knew that you are against terrorism.
Raj: ya, but that is not the crux of my statement. See, when they come all the way to Mumbai through boats with so much plans, they should have held Mumbaikars as hostages and not foreigners. That’s why we are fighting for ousting outsiders. Hence we are going to conduct a bandh tomorrow protesting for the Marathi right for being hostage. we want our share and we will achieve it. actually our brave cadres are secretly preparing  to barge in to Taj and protest to the Terrorists face to face demanding the right to held us as hostages.
me: !!??? That’s bravo sir…
Raj: Okie. We have a meeting on the issue. It’s time.
me: Ok Thank you Sir. Thank you for enlightening me.

Now Bolo India, you were saying he is hiding.. see how veer maratha(Brave Maratha) our Raj Thackrey is… Sorry Raj sir. I have published the transcript even after your warning. Actually I couldn’t bear people hurling abuse on you when you are secretly preparing for such daring attempts.

Jai Maharashtra!
Jai MNS!


4 thoughts on “Raj Thackrey Missing?

  1. (Yawn)This has nothing to with Mr Thackrey. You can try if you want to fight terrorist with swords or pistols or lathis but i am not sure if it will work. Its illegal to carry sophisticated fire arms in India so the argument of sending Thackreys men to counter terrorist is irrelevant. May be if the laws and laxed for Mr Thackreys men then you will see what they can do. And if you think of Maharashtra has no bravehearts think of the three of its finest men maharashtra has lost in battle while you were sipping your hot coffee and writing this blog or just plain waisting your time in inciting the fury of maharashtrain. Its easier to blabber and chatter non sense all the time (even in the time of crisis like this). Atleast Mr Thackrey has the courage of standing up for his view while not being anonymous like the people(pathetic cowards) in this forum. Its sad that people like you exist in this world. People who think of such racist thought without remorse for the people who have lost lives during this ongoing tragedy and this itself shows that you don’t even care for people from other regions. Face it you are a racist asshole.


  2. Where were the Mulayam Singhs, Amar Singhs, Lalu Yadavs, and Abu Asim Azmis when terrorists attacked Mumbai? Where was Lalu Yadav who murdered 1200 men in Bihar (4 times the Mumbai carnage) who wanted to celebrate Chhath Puja in Mumbai? Where was Abu Asim Azmi who wanted to distribute lathis in Mumbai? Where were his 20,000 men to be sent to Mumbai? Where were the Bhaiyyas without whom Mumbai cannot run? Why only Marathis had to lay down their lives in protecting Mumbai? Where were the idle, barking nonsense of people called as bloggers (like you)? Couldn’t you even DARE to defend Mumbai? Sit idle, continue your nonsense and KEEP BARKING.

    MNS people were busy sending their ambulances to the rescue the needy at that time. even though the Hindi media did not want to show it, it was still seen. And at that time, there was a ban on Raj to speak in public, so he couldn’t come out with any statement. Was Raj Thackeray even asked for his men to be sent to counter terrorists? If he was ever asked, you know it well the even the critics of MNS do not doubt the love that MNS guys have for Mumbai (and not merely the money in it). Did Raj Thackeray call the NSG commandos? I doubt whether your eyes and mind work well to answer his all.

    And ye, MNS has never attacked any media despite the lies propagated against them.

    The SMS that spread around that time was an utterly sick and communal SMS which no wise Indian would send on that occasion.

    The commentator number 2 called it right, ‘racist’!!


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