Candle light!

Fuming Taj Mahal Hotel
Fuming Taj Mahal Hotel

The 62 hours fight has come to an end. With the dust and blood settling in, we hear the announcements of a new Federal agency against Terrorism, new home minister, Rice visiting India and Pakistan’s cooperation. Indian state is bent on convincing every one that Terrorists are from outside even with out any credible conclusion. As Tariq Ali points out in his article,

The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, has insisted that the terrorists were based outside the country. The Indian media has echoed this line of argument with Pakistan (via the Lashkar-e-Taiba) and al-Qaeda listed as the usual suspects. But this is a meditated edifice of official India’s political imagination. Its function is to deny that the terrorists could be a homegrown variety, a product of the radicalization of young Indian Muslims who have finally given up on the indigenous political system. To accept this view would imply that the country’s political physicians need to heal themselves.

The country’s political physicians never ever thought of healing the Communalism Virus that has grown a monstrous cancer for all these years. The fascist Brahminic terrorism and the mindless counter Islamic Terrorism has left the country in a vicious cycle where we don’t see any easy answers to get rid off. Karkare Family rejecting Modi’s ex-gratia is a news that didn’t got enough attention in the Media. we are not sure whether the family declined out of a middle class apolitical anger or out of a political stand. But the political statement of declining the offer rebuking Modi’s over enthusiasm is significant as he is one of the key player of the cycle. Outlook concludes it’s poignant coverage of the mayhem this way.

As Thursday evening wore on, frantic SMSes passed around asking people to light a candle outside their window at 9 pm, as a subliminal message to the terrorists that Mumbai hadn’t accepted defeat. Some did, many didn’t. Candles make an important statement, but they don’t prevent terror attacks.

Image courtesy: Outlook


2 thoughts on “Candle light!

  1. I would like to extend my sincere sympathies and condolences to the bereaved Families and prayers and thoughts to all affected by this attack

    This is totally unfair; innocent Lives being cruelly snatched by perpetrators of such condemnable actions

    “When” will the perpetrators of such condemnable actions ever understand that by committing such actions, they are literally committing the very most sinful of actions!

    It only leaves one more confused, perplexed and wondering in amazement with so many questions unanswered as to Why, Why and Why are such actions taking place? What do the perpetrators achieve?
    Why don’t they realize and understand that the World needs Peace, Love, Progress and Prosperity; that when they first contribute and invest in Peace and Love can they expect to reciprocate likewise, “When” will they ever learn?

    Life is extremely Precious and when the perpetrators just take decisions and commit unforgivable actions; they only foster more repulsion and disgust at what they are seeking to demonstrate.

    By committing such actions, they are only creating more hatred for themselves primarily; as well as further distancing and surrounding themselves with a vicious circle of further infinite hatred

    At this crucial moment, where we stand at the cross roads of doing our very best to comprehend the reasons for these condemnable actions; it is sincerely Hoped that decisive resolutions are identified whereby they are able to facilitate an effective mitigation right from the core roots of these elements, where they emerged.

    “Understanding” the core elements relating to this process is one of the strategic and instrumental keys in effectively managing and regulating the process instead of solely combatting since the first process is to establish a platform upon which a firm foundation could be built; the foundation of Universal Hope, Peace, Trust, Love, Peace, Harmony, Progress and Prosperity

    It is pursuing an hopeful and practical process; whereby anticipating, innovating and embarking onto pursuing a practical approach for adeptly and resolutely dealing with such type of condemnable actions is being encouraged; Alas what has occurred cannot be recuperated, but the sacrifice that has been made by several innocent victims over the years reminds us and encourages us to stringently identify resolutions that could effectively harness the various factors effectively and implement a resolute approach in dealing / combatting with such condemnable actions decisively and practically.

    It is more easily said than done; but every step taken in the direction of seeking to identify each resolution is essential and imminently approaching

    Evolution is testament and holds evidential records of various events that have occurred and it is our duty to educate and inspire the concerned to seek to “Recognize” and “Understand” the immense potential value of each and every Life, since Life is extremely Precious and Splendid; and can “NEVER” be snatched away by these type of cowardly actions on any pretext or instance whatsoever.

    Each and Everyone has the rightful privilege to Live and cannot become subject to what perpetrators of such condemnable actions think and decide, it is absolutely very wrongful, punishable to the maximum possible extents and unpardonable; (Although the deviation is there when reference is made to referring to the aspect of punishment, it is but natural that when all steps that are taken to make the concerned understand the significance and importance of reality and when they refuse to understand and persistently seek to establish their own agendas, then in such contexts, this is NOT permissible since there has to be Universal Harmony, Peace and Love that is accorded contentious precedence and pre dominance since the Universe provides us and bestows us each and every Moment with the very finest of virtues but when there is an interruption or attempts made by perpetrators to change the course of what is being manifested Universally, then the perpetrators are naturally SUBJECT to pay a price for their irresponsible actions, face the consequences; they need to be accountable and responsible and essentially “Understand” that defying the Universal Principles, The Laws of Nature is having a price that NEEDS to be paid)

    It is not only retribution alone, it is fairness where no sides are taken, but what is just and unjust; since Nature never discriminates or favors one over another; but tends to remind and make one aware time and again that it makes one pay for one’s wrong deeds whether now or later; but definitely has its own way of compensating those that have been made to endure and face unfortunate events due to the mindless actions taken by perpetrators; the distinguishing of those that are right and those that are wrong is already being journalized / recorded and will seek accountability accordingly.

    I shall summarize the above comments on this note since it is an extensive appeal that consistently seeks to kindle the Hope for establishing Universal Hope, Peace, Trust, Love, Peace, Harmony, Progress and Prosperity; If a reference has been made to certain tendencies that reflect accountability, this is natural, since every action that is taken is linked and bound to result in a reaction; so every action that is taken must be carefully assessed and taken explicitly on the basis of establishing Universal Hope, Peace, Trust, Love, Peace, Harmony, Progress and Prosperity; it is the pursuit of a mutual process and not solely for suiting one’s agenda alone!

    With sincere Hopes, Thoughts and Humble Prayers,
    Vashi Ram Chandi


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