True Lies!

Self-confessed rat
Arnab Goswami: Self-confessed rat

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We may try to understand, or refuse to do so, contributing to the likelihood that much worse lies ahead.

-Noam Chomsky in a short article that he wrote immediately after 9/11, on 12th September 2001

…Arnab Goswami, anchorperson of Times Now television, has stepped up to the plate. He has taken to naming, demonizing, and openly heckling people who have dared to question the integrity of the police and armed forces.

My name and the name of the well-known lawyer Prashant Bhushan have come up several times. At one point, while interviewing a former police officer, Arnab Goswami turned to the camera: “Arundhati Roy and Prashant Bhushan,” he said. “I hope you are watching this. We think you are disgusting.”

-Arundhati Roy, The Monster In The Mirror

What a simple one liner that was? We think you are disgusting. Arundhati Roy continues what does it mean.

For a TV anchor to do this in an atmosphere as charged and as frenzied as the one that prevails today amounts to incitement, as well as threat, and would probably in different circumstances have cost a journalist his or her job.

So, according to a man aspiring to be the next prime minister of India, and another who is the public face of a mainstream TV channel, citizens have no right to raise questions about the police.

But you know what, if am gonna forward Roy’s Article, i doubt how many will actually read. They will complain about its length. Arundhati Roy had to spent 10 long painstaking years in Bastis and streets of this country from sardar sarovar dam villages to nandigram to kashmir, where television cameras do not enter, to sense the pulse of the vast, voiceless people and come up with her opinions in long essays which is a mix of history and literary quality. If am not exaggareting, quite equal to volumes of marxian polemics.

But how easy it is for Arnab? We think you are disgusting.
why the contradiction?
why truth looks long and tiresome while lie is always short and easy to understand?

With the growing jingoistic hysteria and Times now acting like the mouthpiece of Organiser (Official Magazine of RSS), the atmospehere tells you something. It’s not going to be easy to speak the truth. It will cost you. not only that. Very less are willing to hear. assimilate and understand.

As you can see in the comments section to the Roy’s Article, many have angrily reverted back shouting, “What is your point finally Madam?” and in similar fashions. Her remarks are not only confusing but disturbing to them. They are not able to stand trouble makers like Roy and Prashant Bhushan, who has also written a magnificent yet laborious long piece. The same irate voices echo from the Television sets of Times now and from the editors table of India Today Magazine who cry ” Why and How we must fight now. “

Now this is where Fascism starts in its full phase.
The Voice is intolerant, loud and clear.
Enough is enough.
Stop your non-sense. What I speak is the only truth.”
easy to understand.
No Explanation Business.
We think you are disgusting.
But dudes, It happens. Truth is tough to understand and accept. There is no other choice.

I have given the Links of the Articles of Roy, Bhushan and Annie zaidi(yet another stinking person) below. pls spend time on reading them and ponder. The Links are dedicated to one and only self-styled au savior of this country, Mr. Arnab Goswami.


2 thoughts on “True Lies!

  1. I think Arnab Goswami is a drain rat! He is the face of the neo-conservative, brahminical, anti-reservationist, anti-people, pro-development, urbane, consumerist middle class. I hope the revolution comes in our times only; would be a pleasure see this rat’s face on that day of reckoning. Thanks for posting a good piece on him.


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