Colorful Words!

vangogh's eyes

Vincent Vangogh, who spoke in colors in flying colors, also wrote poignant letters to his Brother Theo which has been archived in Web Exhibits. A Website aesthetically designed, technically innovative, categorized and search enabled is a feast for art lovers.

Some quotes from his letters are given below.

I don’t know whether you can understand that one may make a poem only by arranging colours, in the same way that you can say comforting things in music.

As far as I understand it, we of course agree perfectly about black in nature. Absolute black does not really exist. But like white, it is present in almost every colour, and forms the endless variety of greys, – different in tone and strength. So that in nature one really sees nothing else but those tones or shades.

I am completely absorbed in the laws of colours. If only they had taught us them in our youth! But it is the fate of most people that by a kind of fatality one has to seek for light a long time. For, that the laws of colour which Delacroix was the first to use, like Newton did for gravitation, and like Stephenson did for steam – that those laws of colours are a ray of light – is absolutely certain.

Also check, Vangogh Gallery to know his bio and to skim through his paintings.


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