Business no more demands Satyam!

Sathyam Computers is making news for all wrong reasons. Ramalinga Raju, Founder Chariman of Sathyam admitted his fraud in Balance Sheet and had resigned. Recently we heard Sathyam got snubbed by World Bank on Ethics. Satan preaching bible… Days of Anti-Christ guys. Satyam’s logo says “What Business Demands”. Cynically, Business no more demands Satyam!

The general mood of the so-called ‘luckiest generation’ (Courtesy:India Today), the generation X of india is gloomy with the downturn. It has even reached the extent of Paranoia. We see mail chains mocking the state-of-affairs sounding impotent, pitiable cries. And there’s a blind belief that still rules the roost that somehow things will come in to terms. But day after day, market is brutally thrashing all the false beliefs and we hear millions of Job cuts in the mecca of the Market, a.k.a United States itself.

leave the troubled times. how was the life when India was shining and markets were blooming? G.B.Prabhat, Co-founder of Sathyam Computers who left Satyam Computers some time back, doesn’t buys the shining idea. He Says,

I’m not particularly enchanted with the world I’m credited with creating. Sometimes you create things you don’t intend to… like Frankenstein.

Last year, he came up with his second Novel named Eimona, to describe the alienation and purposelessness experienced by the IT class due to the lack of standards, values, or ideals. Ironically it is the same class which holds him as epitome. He defines the disease and names it as Anomie.

The Hindu MetroPlus Writes.

Eimona through its various characters and situations, brings out the malaise of our present society — layoffs, fear of layoffs, fear of the markets and stocks dipping, investing rapaciously, a desperate attempt to “have fun” somehow on the weekend, the schism in relationships where one walks in from work and the other gets ready to go, indulgences, biting off more than one can chew, mistrusting oneself and everyone around.

Prabhat Continues.

Everything in today’s world boils down to anomie, if you’ve started feeling uncomfortable in the current situation of everyday existence. Is this the kingdom we aspired for? There is an extraordinary sense of self-centredness; we are completely narcissistic. We commune on the Internet with only one person — ourselves.

But the future is bleak and that is the truth. We either don’t realise it exists or we want to run away from it. Ironically in a world of connectedness, there is more loneliness, greater fear and anxieties. No relationship has stabilities. Did your grandfather or mine worry about losing his job or his wife walking out on him?

Somebody should be warning us about a capitalist technology-driven world, says the author.

Capitalism sets all our instincts free and we see everybody around us as a threat.

Wish our globalised Indians are listening amidst their gadget gazing.

P.S: Thanks to Com. Asuran for reminding the book at the right time.


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