India is a bigger Terrorist than LTTE!

Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN puts the question with visible annoyment to Advocate Prasad from Chennai.

Why do you need to get on the streets? Why Muthukumar, an activist who self-immolated on last Thursday needs to be called a Martyr? After all Srilankan Tamil issue is their internal problem and LTTE is a Terrorist organization.

Correspondent of CNN-IBN finishes her footage from chennai with these lines.

Every Political party of Tamilnadu is trying to outperform each other by using the self-immolation of the youth.

Two days before Cho.Ramaswamy, a well-known Brahminic scoundrel was interviewed and he poured his venom.

I would certainly recommend the Indian Govt to ask for extradition of LTTE Chief Prabakaran. But beyond request we should not pursue it as bringing Prabakaran to Indian soil will whip up passions.

Passions! The next day Muthukamar showed the world what’s meant by Passion and how no one needs to ‘whip’ it up. Well read gentlemen, Intellectuals and decent English-speaking north indians may not accept this. They may use their favorite term to describe Madrasis, “emotional fools”. Well, when Rajeev Goswami set himself ablaze for the noble cause of safegaurding upper class interests against Mandal Commission implementation, the entire North was on flames. He is still considered a Martyr.

But Muthukumar, an ordinary youth who has written a historical letter before the extreme step, shouldn’t even be called a Martyr. Muthukumar exposes the collaboration of the Indian State with Rajapakse in word and deed with painful lines. He has written the ignored agony of the Eelam Tamils and puts in short. “Even if for argument sake, if we accept LTTE is to punished, Neither Sinhala Govt nor the Indian State has any moral right to punish them. “

Why the north is so silent on the Indian arms support to Srilanka? DSU Unit of JNU was the only voice that spoke against the tide, from the North. When Rajdeep says on one hand that Srilankan Tamil issue is their internal problem how can he say in the same breath that LTTE is a terrorist organization? will it not amount to interfering their internal issue?

CNN-IBN, ‘The Hindu’ and all sundry Brahminical news media of India shed tears about the plight of Gaza in the hands of Zionist State Terrorism. They literally pounce upon Pakistan for supporting Terrorist organizations that turmoil India. All fair, but when it comes to their own State, the so-called land of Ahimsa supporting Srilanka in a brutal genocide,  they will keep quiet. Is the pain of Eelam Tamils is lesser than Gaza people? why this blatant hypocrisy?

It is because they act according to the interests of the Indian State which is in turn acting to the interests of Comprador-Capitalists Tata, Ambani, Mital etc.,  who all have business ventures running in Srilanka. India is the prime culprit for the ruin of the island country. From 1983, the intelligence agencies corrupted the militant movements of Srilanka and it tried its best to enforce its might as a regional superpower with a one sided Thimpu Pact. Tamils rejected the pact and faced the wrath of Indian masters who sent IPKF which massacred, raped and left unforgettable scars in the mind and body of Eelam Tamils. In the recent round of full scale war, India has lended all political and military support including supplying Radars, arms, ammunition and experts to the Fonseko’s monsters. Why North is not speaking out on this ‘Intervention’? Leave the mainstream boot lickers, why even the secular intelligentsia which is in forefront for palestine and kashmir is also silent? Is it because they too think it’s a matter of Tamil sentiment?

Eelam Tamils are a separate nationality with distinct culture and history though they speak Tamil which is similar only in grammar to the Tamil spoken by Tamilnadu. Hence it’s a just nationality struggle for self-determination like palestine and Kashmir and due to the heinous role of Indian State, it becomes the duty of every man and woman of this country to fight against this crime which takes place with the help of our political and bureaucratic masters.

May the Brahminical forces of Tamilnadu and power brokers of North delight on the brutal victory of Rajapakse, the fight for self-determination right of  Eelam Tamils will not cease  without achieving the goal as Neither it started with Tigers nor will it die with Tigers.


8 thoughts on “India is a bigger Terrorist than LTTE!

  1. Tamils should re-think their identity. Tamils say first I am Indian then only a Tamilian. This should be changed. First I am a Tamilian then only an Indian. When Babar Masjid is demolished Muslims in Tamil Nadu voiced against the demolition. If the same Babar Masjid is demolished in Tamil Nadu no Muslims from North will care. Because we are Tamilians. When Muslims are killed in Gujarat Muslims in Tamil Nadu condemened it and voiced against Narendra Modi. Imagine if Muslims are killed in Tamil Nadu no Muslims from North India will care. Because we are Tamilians. The same is for Hindu and Christians. If Hindus are killed in Tamil Nadu are killed no Hindu’s from north india will care. Because we are Tamilians. BJP or RSS will never care. So Tamils all around the world should say First they are Tamilians then only Indians. Dear TAMIL HINDUS, TAMIL MUSLIMS, TAMIL CHRISTIANS unite first as Tamilians. We can achive a lot.


  2. It is also worth pondering what Israels Mossad is doing in Sri Lanka. Aswell as the powerful zionist financiers of Europe and America. The rabbit hole is much deeper than many think. It is a global conspiracy to eliminate Tamils.


  3. india does not holding anything that requires for the shake of the country. its sameside goal in srilanka proved this, no tamilian will call india as his country.tamilian or any other indian who is sufering in other parts of the world have to care for themeselves.india will fight for foriegn people who died in india because they want dollers!!! not care for anything other than money.


  4. People here are talking as though all the collective problems are becoz of India,India is made of people ,and people are tamilians ,telugu ,north;If India interferes its called hegomony ,if it wont it is called that India wont care for tamilians in Srilanka,,Lets first say What u people want??Even if we speak its wrong and even if we wont speak also its wrong,,Already India is facing many terrorist attacks ,it has its own probelms,,India is not a super power like America to show hegemony??I think u people only r thinking that India is a regional power while we Indians Wont even think that we r Powerful,


  5. What rubbish. To me, I am an Indian first, and a Kannadiga next. You Tamils are an emotionally charged lot. Unable to bear the victory of the valiant Sri Lankan army, which has blown to smithereens the claims of invincibility of the LTTE, you are on a witch-hunt against a country that has fed you for centuries. Almost all the Colombo based Tamils are kallathonis who escaped to Sri Lanka for economic reasons, Can you deny this? Tamils in Jaffna, who have been there for a very long time, are the greatest opportunists. Thanks to this problem, all the Jaffna Tamils landed in economically advanced countries and helped nurture their pet tiger project and save the tiger project. Now they are crying, weeping, gnashing their teeth in agony, because the Sinhalese have destroyed their unreasonable project, and proved that their army, under the command of Gotabhaya and Fonseka, is the best combat-ready force in the world. We in India should congratulate Sri Lanka.


  6. I haven’t read your posts completely, but happened read parts of this post and post on Arundhati. You should know this Arundhati is yet another `leftist’ hypocrite who has one theory for Palestine, one for Kashmir and completely opposite for eelam. When the writers of TN organised a fast against the genocide in ceylon, Arundhati refused to participate. She is in no way different from N. Ram and Cho.


  7. Well – to purushothaman and whom so ever it is who take things wrongly about whats happening in Sri lanka… –
    You said tamilans migrated to srilanka for economic reasons ?

    Who are sinhalese then ? are they not the inhabitants from Bihar ? are they originated as adam and eve from the land of Sri lanka ? PLEASE READ THE HISTORY PROPERLY DONT POST A COMMENT WHICH WOULD GET EVERY TAMIL SUPPORTER ANGRY PLEASE.




  8. @ Rosa Vasanth
    Roy could not come to chennai due to some death happened in her house. And Roy made it clear that she does not know completetly the srilanka issue and she voiced her opinion against the atrocities happening there. But Is it wise to expect people like roy/chomsky should talk all the atrocities happenings under the sun? What is the role of media in taking this issue to northern and other parts of india? or Why the so called activisits/ “thug” rhetoric politicians in TN not discussing this issue with other regional parties in india? What is the contribution of the so called “Metropolitan Intellectuals”(MI) like Tamizavan not only on this issue or any other issue? Why MI’s suddenly attacking people like roy who has contributed in terms of intellectually/physically in so many issues than these “seat warmers”. Also, suddenly people ( Intellectuals!!!!) in TN started supporting Jaya on her recent srilanka “dramatic” stand point. What is her (jaya) secret of over night change of point of view? On this issue why only 2 binary discourses? (1) For srilanka (2) For LTTE… We need to have third dialogue without positioning ourselves in either of these 2 binaries. Then only a resonable discourse/dialogue is possible..


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