The Great Indian Circus!

Elections 2009 or the Great Indian Circus is underway.  We see every newspaper has dedicated atleast two pages everyday with too many details of the circus. Every News channel is filled with countless analysis. Someone(Probably Arnab Goswami) was remarking the other day that the quality of the Election debate has gone down. But the excited TV Anchors easily forget they deserve due credits for the scenario.

The nonsense Budia and Gudia debate, the weak prime minister/strong prime minister debate, noisy seat sharing scenes, Third front, Fourth front etc., etc., ‘Democracy’ pissed off dudes! Every another day someone asks someone to apologise for some comments. Well, then what is freedom of speech and what is election debate after all? The power and role of Election commission has gone beyond its limits.It might be damn tired playing nanny.

English channels annoy with their Youngistan debates. Imran Khan who acted in ‘Jaane tu ya Jaane na’ was sharing his Gyaan the other day on voting and members of Youngistan were taking ‘valuable’ advice from him. Do the ‘ordinary’ guys and gals of our country who cannot speak english shaking their heads, who cannot afford to wear Jeans and T-shirts financially and culturally, fall under the Youngistan category? Do we ever hear those Young voters anywhere?

Election Tamasha is always stranger than fiction. All in a sudden, Chidambaram said, “Ceasefire in Srilanka was not a demand or appeal, but a need of the Government of India”. Voila! since when Home minister? or do you mean Indian National Congress synonymous to Government of India, so that you can atleast save deposits in Tamilnadu? Chaos all through the way and a Confused BJP Minister attended congress Workers meeting. Now you will certainly agree there is nothing wrong in calling it, “The Great Indian Circus”.

P.Sainath is the lone crusader to capture the ignored voices amidst the pandemonium. He tells us what Ramabai Katkar,Anjubai Gokuldas Busari,Rekha Thag and Rekha Gurnule think of the elections and what are their demands. No, they are not blood relatives of any political leader, they are not film stars and they don’t hold any degress in journalism. They are one among the widows of those 182,936 farmers who took the extreme step of suicide owing to the agrarian crisis. These ‘ordinary’ women who bear the brunt of living may not be interesting for the Globalised Indians, but these women deserve to be heard.

“He ran away,” she says of her husband who killed himself. “I won’t.” She has a daughter aged 4 and a son aged 5.

Some even want to contest elections to assert their rights.

Anjubai says: “I’m ready to fight. Be it elections or anything else. We must have our rights.” Sitting beside us is Kishor Tiwari of the VJAS who has been helping these women farmers. “Do you understand the implications of that?” he asks her. “It would mean a lot of difficult struggle.” She looks him straight in the eye. “There are no options for people like me other than struggle. What do you think I’ve done all my life?”


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