Dissecting ‘The Hindu’!

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The politically aware, progressive sections of Tamilnadu always knew the true color of  ‘The Hindu’, identified by Periyar as ‘Mount Road Mahavishnu’. Periyar used the nickname sarcastically to denote the Brahminical attitude of ‘The Hindu’.

‘The Hindu’ acts as the unofficial spokesperson of Rajapaksa clique for the last six months of the ongoing Sinhalese Offensive in Srilanka which has resulted in one of the gruesome genocides of human history. Many bloggers and intellectuals have condemned the false reporting of ‘The Hindu’ but still it continues the same. The brazenness of N.Ram is a gesture in return for the award bestowed on him by Chandrika Kumaranatunga regime.

Muralidhar Reddy, a ‘The Hindu’ reporter who claims to be in the battle field comes up with everyday reports probably dictated in person by Sarath Fonseka. For example, today ‘The Hindu’ claims 3000 fleed from LTTE zone. The conspiracy of the double quotes really boils your blood. He starts the report with this line.

At least 3,000 civilians, held hostage by the LTTE inside the 3.5-sq. km. new safety zone (NSZ) along the Mullaithivu sea coast, escaped on Thursday as the Sri Lanka military opened up an escape route.

Note. There are no double quotes for the words “held hostage” or “escape route”. After a paragraph he continues.

The latest rescue operation began amid concern expressed by the U.N. Security Council and U.S. President Barack Obama over the deteriorating humanitarian crisis inside the NSZ and an offer by the Tigers to engage with the Sri Lanka government in the “interest of the civilians.”

Now comes the notorious double quote with the sole intention of maligning the intention of LTTE. But the words, “The latest rescue operation” are not attributed with double quotes so as to inject the opinion that it is indeed a rescue operation.

He also comes up with a foolish claim.

Images from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the military show that several hundred people, from inside the NSZ under LTTE occupation, are waiting for an opportune moment to escape.

An UAV image  looks like this.

UAV Image
An UAV image, i.e., an Aerial image at the best can help the Army to identify targets and cannot read the faces of people. But Muralidhar reddy was even able to read the emotions and intentions of several hundred people. You have beat Goebbels, Muralidhar! Bravo!

It is necessary to look out how ‘The Hindu’ reports in some other foreign issues. In the case of GAZA, ‘The Hindu’ came up with news and images supporting the palestinian people and opposing the Israel’s claims. In Nepal, Siddharth Varadarajan was able to come up with Prachanda’s Interview within days of his resignation amidst the chaos in the Himalayan country. To be precise, ‘The Hindu’ acts according to the foreign policy of CPI(M) and the likes and dislikes of CPI(M) determines the reporting outlook.

We are neither naive to believe Newspapers to be non-partisan nor foolish to cry for fair reporting as it never happens anywhere. But we must expose ‘The Hindu’ to those who believe it is non partisan and should counter the false opinions which are injected in to their minds. Someday History will report the connivance of ‘The Hindu’ with more details and will reprimand its role in the collective crime in one of the monstrous genocides of the new millennium.


2 thoughts on “Dissecting ‘The Hindu’!

  1. you r absolutely right. Though i am a reader of the hindu for more than 18 yrs , i am very much appalled on its attitude towards the srilankan crisis.Agreed., LTTE is a terrorist organisation. But that does not mean that rajapakse is a demi god and he is there for the welfare of Tamils. TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE POLITICAL PARTIES OF TAMILNADU HAVE PLAYED ‘REAL POLITICS’ WITH THE LIVES OF SRILANKAN TAMILS. CONGRATULATIONS TO U FOR EXPOSING HINDU.


  2. Dear Sir, Congratulations for your bold enough writings. Your writings vents entire Tamil diaspora’s anguish and shock over the double standard taken with some ulterior motive on the SL Tamils issue. In the name of condomning Terrorism, they became mouthpiece of SL’s Chavanistic Govt. With the affront to Tamil community, every one should raise their voices in one to severeally condomn their attitude. Editor-in-chief got Lanka Ratna from SL Govt. He pays in return the loyalty and gratitude. Now-a-days Press Freedom become Press Commercialisation. All matters money!Sir, money! Nothing else. Thanthai Periyar rightly identified these elements some date back 70 years. Now too, they have not changed even then they fall in line with so called CPI (M). What to do. The only thing I would like to point out is :One day they will regret for their misdeed. Thats all.


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