Who is a megalomaniac?

Day before Yesterday, repeating the horrifying images of lifeless Prabakaran (it’s under dispute), CNN IBN found a ‘scholar’ to voice his opinions on air. The scholar was none other than the tout (courtesy:himself), the political pimp of Tamilnadu, Subramanian Swamy. Jegath Gasper Raj, a christian priest who has twice met Prabakaran was quiet defensive while Swamy was brazen.

Let us not be innocents. Civilians will get harmed in a war and now it’s time to move forward.

3000 people died in 3 days and this was the reaction of the so-called Harvard visiting Professor or in real the CIA agent. He called Prabakaran, a megalomaniac.

The next day we get the information that Srilankan Army puts out a dossier which describes Prabakaran as a megalomaniac. Beyond the similiarity of word usuage, the vulgar enthusiasm of Srilanka to Swamy, and the conspicous silence of Indian State sends the message that mission is over. Beyond all our criticisms on Prabakaran and tigers, We must acknowledge that they have died a brave death against the megalomaniacs of xenophobic fascism.

Today the same Hindu comes up with articles published in guardian. Till date we heard all the SLA propaganda masked as news and now we see obituaries to Prabakran and we hear the voices of Eelam Tamils for the first time in the pages of ‘The Hindu’.

With no proper hospitals inside the no-fire zone, doctors put patients on mattresses under the trees, he said. “One day in April it rained really hard. It started to flood. Those patients who were lying on the ground and who had limited mobility could not get up fast enough. Ten people died of drowning that night,” he said.

“Things are really tough for us. My children are begging me for food and water. It is killing me to see us like this. We led such different lives. Why is this happening to us?”

Yesterday Srilankan Government announced a national holiday to ‘celebrate’ the Victory. Now every scoundrel who accompanied Srilanka in the genocide is voicing his concern to address the demands of Tamils and to rehabilitate them. Rajapaksa starts his presidential address in Tamil and this symbolism is celebrated by the media.

It would be self deceiving to believe that the same Rajapaksa who killed Lasantha Wickramatunga and silenced many others who questioned his fascist measures will bestow equal rights to Tamils. Sonali Wickramatunga, wife of Lasantha puts it with pain.

The free Sri Lanka in which I was born no longer exists. Our country has entered a Dark Age where the government unapologetically equates democratic dissent with treason.

Now we can imagine when Sinhalese people themselves claim there is no free Srilanka what lies ahead for Tamils. This genocide has set up an example for rest of the world that you can deny the access of international media, medical help and carry out what you want in the name of ‘War on Terror’. we can very well expect that Israel and other rogue regimes will emulate this example in future or we are missing something? How it was possible to a state to outrageously deny even the media presence amidst the so-called ‘International pressure’? Was there a pressure? or did we got it wrong? may be the pressure was to finish off the LTTE sooner.

But, megalomanic Rajapaksa and the South asian regimes, India, China and Pakistan who have directly lended all support to him are not understanding the simple fact that struggles for self-determination and the just voices against Genocide cannot be wiped out by military might. Kashmir is the live example that even after decaded and decades of oppression both in the hands of India and Pakistan, it still defies to cow down. North east still fights the hegemony of Delhi.

May be the chapter of Tigers ended in the long struggle. But the story will not end as the contradiction will not get resolved without justice. New chapters will definitely arise defying all the obstacles, assimilating the positive and negative experiences of the past chapters of the struggle.

The duty of democratic and revolutionary forces across the world at this crucial juncture must be to raise voice for convicting Rajapaksa for the horrendous war crimes and to expose the connivance of the South asian powers which will be the real reconcillation to the Eelam Tamils other than providing food and water.


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