Noted Tamil writer, S.Ramakrishnan writes in his blog.

Some friends from Eelam used to send me emails for the past few years. The emails sent from a state of mind where there is no option left other than to share the hope, pain and agony…

A friend who called himself with a single word ‘Yo’, used to send me mails for the past two years. I always found an indefatigable hope in his mails. Deaths at the war front couldn’t deter his hopes. But, two months before, he sent a mail which had only three words.


I switched off the monitor and spent the rest of the night in the deep darkness of the room, totally numbed. It was not an expression of a single individual but the pathetic cry of a race which has been forced to shed all the residual hopes.

I received yet another mail from him after two days of the massive devastation. This time the mail had more words.



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