Human Shields!

For the past two days, we see in every news paper, in evey news channel that says Maoists have formed human shields in lalgarh to fight against para military forces. Times now was even showing graphical flowchart of the levels of human shields.First come the women and children, then the innocent men and Maoists stay safe in the core. Wonderful theory!

We saw in the Television images that the so-called ‘human shields’, tribal men, women and children, carrying bows and arrows, playing trumpets and marching in the streets who brought down the offices and houses of CPI(M) activists/goondas (open to your choice). So, who is the shield of whom? Masses of lalgarh to Maoists or Maoists to Masses?

This so-called ‘Human shield’ conspiracy comes handy at this kind of crucial situations when blood is going to spill in the streets. This kind of psychological preparation, full swing propaganda prior to the massacre is absolutely essential. Classifying that Maoists and Masses are different so that u can kill anyone and say he or she is a Maoist. So, when you fight against the para military forces, you become a Maoist as a ‘human shield’ will not fight. when u r killed, you are a Maoist as Police or Para military forces won’t shoot a ‘Human Shield’.

It’s not long time since the same theory successfully applied by Sinhalese Chauvinists at a massive level in Srilanka. So, now how we should reread the history? Voltaire and Rousseau held French People as human shields to ‘push their agenda’. George Washington held Americans as human shields to ‘push his agenda’. Lenin held Russians as human shields to ‘push his agenda’. Mao held Chinese as human shields to ‘push his agenda’.

So, as per the era of ‘War against Terrorism’, Masses are headless chickens who can either be ‘Human shields’ or lick the boots of the state. But Masses always defy definitions thrusted by the yoke, whenever and wherever necessary and this historical fact will repeat and assert itself again in Lalgarh.

Image courtesy: Sanhati


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