Face the ‘Truth’!

Sach ka Saamna: Jhoot ka wadha!

image courtesy: sify movies

North Indian news channels, be it hindi or english, have a view that, whatever is a news in north or whatever the news they generate in north, is the news of India. Ofcourse English news Channels are bearable if not to ponder much on the polished class affinities. ‘Sach ka Saamna’, a so-called reality show is now making news in these circles.

The so-called reality show is getting aired in the Indian pillar of  Murdoch kingdom, Star Plus. (ya, root cause of recent indian oscars. if Star wouldn’t have imported ‘who wants to be a millionaire’, how come we would hav got the oscar? Now you bet another oscar based on ‘Sach ka Saamna’) So, they have come up with a next giant leap, ‘Sach Ka Saamna’,  the Indian version of the popular American game show, ‘The Moment of Truth’. The original show debuted on Fox Network in January last year.

In the show, the contestants are asked 21 varied questions about their personal and professional life. The prize money for correctly answering all the 21 questions is ‘mere’ Rs 1 crore. The correct answers are determined by the results of a polygraph test done on the contestants before the show is filmed.

As Samajwadi Party member Kamal Akthar stated yesterday in parliament, a woman was asked in the presence of her husband whether she would have physical contact with another person. Though she said no, the polygraph test said the answer was wrong. Ironically,during the promotion of the show, Keertan Adyanthaya, executive vice-president and general manager, Star Plus, said that unlike Moment of Truth, the questions have been designed keeping Indian sensibilities in mind. “Some questions will be edgy though. The Indian society is at the cusp of change and it can take such entertainment,” he says. Now you wonder what are the so-called indian sensibilities.

Prannoy roy was lashing the moral policing of parliamentarians yesterday, while Siddarth Basu, producer of the show said, “Even indian emblem has ‘Sathyameva Jayathe’ inscribed in it. We are not forcing anyone to ‘play’ in the show but only voluntary participation. why should we fear to face the truth?”

We are amazed at the selfless service and conviction of the media tycoons who bear the cross of moving India forward pushing the ‘cusp of change’ tirelessly, envisioning a future free of moral policing and openness. Leave the imitation, after all that’s what means Globalisation. we reach where the west reach. How come one can deny Globalised Culture when we crave for a Globalised Market? If that’s the case, why complain the ‘innovations’ of Globalised Culture Market?

I request our ‘progressive’ media doyens to stop issuing money in the show so as to teach the moral policing backward, idiotic voices. After all every one is for admitting ‘truth’. Why should they take money in return? this will prove that it’s a cultural change and not a mean, vulgar, voyeuristic-exhibiting urge, complemented with loads of money. Will they be ready do that? Will ‘voluntary’ participation be there if pea nuts will be given in return? You may say negative. I don’t think so. After all, india is in the ‘cusp of change’.

Moreover, if money is not only the criterion, we can expect many other celebrities who can answer better questions than with whom they slept. There are some wide open secrets which are always under denial by the concerned who are successful enough to evade all these times.

For example, Narendra modi can face questions on Gujarat genocide and undergo a polygraph test. Sajjan Kumar can face a question on 1984. Manmohan Singh on what exactly is in the agreement between India and US. Pinarayi Vijayan on his role in SNC-Lavlin scam etc., If this will happen, the parlimanterians won’t be shouting this is dangerous to indian culture. Instead it will be dangerous to the notion of India itself. Keerthan and Basu are much sensible to these kind of ‘indian sensibilities’. Now let us ask, Do you have courage to take this task and face the Truth, Star Plus?


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