Swamy and his friends!

Swamy and His Friends!
Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy and Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal at the Chidambaram temple on Tuesday.

Yesterday(23-08-09) Morning, i was filled with smile admiring the ‘story’ that came up  in ‘The Hindu’, on Subramanian swamy, along with Ashok Singhal and Vedantham visiting Chidambaram Nataraja Temple .

This is how the story evolves.

Dr. Swamy along with Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal and VHP working president S. Vedantham offered worship at the Natarajar temple on Tuesday.

When they were going around the temple a group of women belonging to the Podhu Dikshithars’ families and members of the Hindu Temples’ Protection Committee, led by Geetha Anbalagan, with tearful eyes appealed to them to restore the temple to the Podhu Dikshithars.

The leaders categorically said: “We will win, we will win” (the matter is now before the Supreme Court).

I had a doubt about how the historical meeting of the group of women with Swamy took place. Whether Swamy announced he will visit the temple or it was an accidental meeting when he was going around the temple as mentioned in the story? But I immediately shrugged off my doubt since ‘The Hindu’ is known for it’s journalistic credentials, especially in it’s ‘originality’ and ‘creativity’  more than 100 years.

I’ll  summarise the issue for the better understanding of the readers. Chidambaram Lord Nataraja Temple situated in Tamilnadu is alleged as a ‘denomination’ temple, which means a community owns the temple, by the Dikshithar Community, a sect of Brahmins. Recently after years and years of legal battles, Tamilnadu Government appointed an Executive Officer for the temple, through the HR&CE (Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments) Department on february 2009 on the basis of  verdict given by Justice Mrs. R Banumathi. Podhu Dikshithars, leading Priests of Dikshithars appealed again and recently on September 15, 2009, Madras High court division Bench dismissed the plea.

So, I was moved by the emotions of the above mentioned scene of the story, the tears of Dikshithars who lost the case and the cries of the ‘leaders’. I was relieved as the ‘leaders’ not once but twice said that they will win. I mean the count.

Swami and his friends at the Chidambaram Temple on Feb 13,2009.

Because, some time back,  When the appeal filed by the Podhu Dikshithars was in court, Swamy visited the temple and said that he will win the case in High Court on Feb 13,2009. He said the words,”We will win” only once at that time. He was showered with slohas and with the spiritual impetus, he entered the High Court at Chennai to implead himself in the case on the fateful day, 17 February 2009. Alas, he had to face rotten eggs allegedly thrown by the lawyers who were strike on Eelam Tamils issue. It’s alleged that they did the heinous crime of throwing eggs against Swamy’s support of Sinhala Chauvinism.

Ironically, there is a similarity with the present story. That time he was ‘going around the court hall’ and accidentally or incidentally, the meeting with the protesting lawyers happened. Swamy shouted for dismissing Tamilnadu Government as throwing eggs on him was a clear sign of  ‘law and order breakdown’ in Tamilnadu. Some strongly condemned the incident and admonished the advocates for ashaming eggs by throwing on Swamy which could have otherwise become hot omlettes or sweet chickens.

The attacks on lawyers by the police as a consequence flashed all television screens in the days followed. Some said this is the classical ‘law and order break down’ breaking the heads of protesting lawyers.

Coming back to the story, unrelenting ‘leader’ Swamy who was sure of winning the case, was allowed to implead in the case.  But unfortunately, he and his friends had a worst defeat as the Madras High court division Bench Categorically said that in view of the finding of the HR and CE Commissioner that there had been a large-scale misappropriation of temple funds, the court would be failing in its duty to safeguard and preserve the ancient temple if it interfered with the E.O’s appointment.

The Bench said in view of the admitted stand by the appellant, it was proved beyond doubt that neither the appellant nor their predecessors or forefathers were the founders of the temple and they were not entitled to have the benefit of protection under Article 26 (Freedom to manage religious affairs) of the Constitution.

Historical records indisputably proved the fact that the temple was established by Chola and Pandya kings and the rulers of Vijayanagaram between 10th and 13th century and worshipped by both Saivites and Vaishnavites. Hence, the Podhu Dikshidars could not claim it as a denominational temple.

The Bench said there was a startling revelation that the Dikshidars never maintained accounts either in receipt of 400 acres of fertile land or in respect of gold offering, hundial collections and cash donation for ages. Also, no account was maintained for fixing of rent and collecting them from tenants. These revealed that the Commissioner rightly concluded that the Podhu Dikshidars had continuously neglected to perform their duty. Had there been a proper administration and management of the properties, the temple would have become another rich temple like the ones in Tirupati and Palani, the Bench said.

Well, whatever the court may say, Dikshithars had been alleging the ownership on the basis of their popular theory known in Tamil as Dikshithar Moovayiram. They claim that 3000 Dikshithars came from Kailash, and the last and foremost Dikshithar was lord shiva itself. They along with lord shiva started maintaining the Temple. Now i really don’t know why the courts are not accepting this ‘historic and scientific’ fact.

Anyhow, coming back to the story, this time I am sure Swamy will win the case in Supreme Court as from what Swamy addressed a ‘gathering’ at the temple. I would prefer to call the event as ‘coming together’ rather than ‘gathering’.  Swamy said he and his friends will  join hands with ‘intellectuals’ to get back the temple from the government. I appreciate the statement as Ashok Singhal and Vedhantham,  whose ‘historical and intellectual’ contributions to the Indian society right from Babri Masjid to Ram Sethu, ofcourse with the ‘intellectual’ help of Swamy are remarkable.  I am sure they will enlighten us this time too. Swamy fought the Ram Sethu case on the basis of unquestionable ‘historical’ evidence, Tulsidas Ramyana. Yes, commoners like Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, ‘some’ officials in Archeological Survey of India (ASI) may disagree the historical value of Swamy’s evidences. As a true Swamy fan, I would say, they should be ignored.

Many say that now the entire news media in Tamilnadu is undermining the role of HRPC (Human Rights and Protection Council) and Arumugasamy, a shiv devotee who were also litigants in the case. They say Arumugasamy, an old shiva devotee was attacked by the Dikshithars for singing Tamil hymns before the sanctum-sanctorum in 2001. His arms were fractured by the Dikshithars and was thrown to the street. HRPC took up his case and fought for his religious right. It exposed the malpractices, murders and the immoral acts of Dikshithars, waging a long and ardous struggle  both in court halls and to the masses. They say, in a way,  HRPC and Arumugasamy waged the real struggle for the rights of ordinary Hindu devotees. Well, again as a true swamy fan, I have nothing to comment on any human rights organisation or any other samy or swamy.

Now coming back to the story again, Swamy further said that none could destroy the Hindu force that constituted 83 per cent of the total population. A death knell was now sounded against those who were undermining dharma. Siva Thandavam (the ferocious cosmic dance of Lord Siva) would render them powerless.

I started trembling with fear to read those words. An image of the ferocious cosmic dance of Swamy and his friends, the living avatars of Lord Shiva started filling my mind. “We will win, we will win”! “We will win, we will win”!

Some say Swamy is a mere political tout, a paid CIA agent whose at best political activity is to create confusions and commotion. Initially he was toppling governments with many other power brokers. now he has taken the avatar, the au savior of Hinduism. Well, again as a true swamy fan, I don’t pay attention to such allegations. My only sincere wish is that, there shouldn’t be any naxal or dravidian or eelam elements amongst Supreme court Lawyers, as rotten eggs are available in delhi too.


One thought on “Swamy and his friends!

  1. Swami is fake… Swamy is a liar.. as proved by the Defamation case he lost against Jethmalani.. court upheld the view that Swamy is lying and he had to pay a fine for that.. but now what he is doing is much worse.. he is trying to divide people in the name of religion.. he is trying to instigate a feeling of hatred among Indians.. the wild allegations and lies he spreads.. will be his undoing.. we can do without such a person for sure..


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