You’ll get a slap back.

If a boy (he is so young to be called a man) burns your national flag, you break his hand with your police. If some students shout against your so-called nation, you arrest an young man on sedition. Your pet dog shouts his lungs on a TV channel. You smash people who come to support the young student leader in your court with your henchmen wearing black.

You killed Narendra Dabholkar. You killed Govind Pansare. You killed Kalburgi. You killed Rohit.

If your so-called ‘nation’ cannot withstand even simple, verbal opposition, you are only proving that you’ve only built a sham in the name of a nation and your belief on guns and vandalism to instill patriotic fear is fundamentally flawed.

Don’t think such kind of arm-twisting and goondaism will make a nation or will silence all the dissenting voices that question your notions of nation, religion and culture built on deep rooted violence for centuries.

You’ll get a slap back. It’s inevitable. It’s just a matter of time. It’s the law of nature.


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