You’ll get a slap back.

If a boy (he is so young to be called a man) burns your national flag, you break his hand with your police. If some students shout against your so-called nation, you arrest an young man on sedition. Your pet dog shouts his lungs on a TV channel. You smash people who come to support... Continue Reading →

Swamy and his friends!

Yesterday(23-08-09) Morning, i was filled with smile admiring the 'story' that came up  in 'The Hindu', on Subramanian swamy, along with Ashok Singhal and Vedantham visiting Chidambaram Nataraja Temple . This is how the story evolves. Dr. Swamy along with Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal and VHP working president S. Vedantham offered worship... Continue Reading →

Face the ‘Truth’!

image courtesy: sify movies North Indian news channels, be it hindi or english, have a view that, whatever is a news in north or whatever the news they generate in north, is the news of India. Ofcourse English news Channels are bearable if not to ponder much on the polished class affinities. 'Sach ka Saamna',... Continue Reading →

‘Sunny Deols’ Everywhere!

Image Courtesy: The Hindu Beyond all the uproar of Kasab's four hour long confession, there is a small incident which couldn't find much importance. The court took exception to a remark made in jest by Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam. In a jibe at Ajmal’s lawyer Abbas Kazmi, Mr. Nikam said Ajmal had not mentioned... Continue Reading →


Courtesy: The Hindu CPI(M) politburo has come up with disciplinary action against V.S.Achuthanandhan, Kerala Chief Minister by ejecting him out of politburo for going public against Pinarayi Vijayan. The Central Committee statement said: 'The Central Committee decided that in view of the violations of the organisational principle and discipline by Comrade V.S. Achuthanandan, he should... Continue Reading →

Human Shields!

For the past two days, we see in every news paper, in evey news channel that says Maoists have formed human shields in lalgarh to fight against para military forces. Times now was even showing graphical flowchart of the levels of human shields.First come the women and children, then the innocent men and Maoists stay... Continue Reading →


Noted Tamil writer, S.Ramakrishnan writes in his blog. Some friends from Eelam used to send me emails for the past few years. The emails sent from a state of mind where there is no option left other than to share the hope, pain and agony... A friend who called himself with a single word 'Yo',... Continue Reading →

Who is a megalomaniac?

Day before Yesterday, repeating the horrifying images of lifeless Prabakaran (it's under dispute), CNN IBN found a 'scholar' to voice his opinions on air. The scholar was none other than the tout (courtesy:himself), the political pimp of Tamilnadu, Subramanian Swamy. Jegath Gasper Raj, a christian priest who has twice met Prabakaran was quiet defensive while... Continue Reading →

Dissecting ‘The Hindu’!

The politically aware, progressive sections of Tamilnadu always knew the true color of  'The Hindu', identified by Periyar as 'Mount Road Mahavishnu'. Periyar used the nickname sarcastically to denote the Brahminical attitude of 'The Hindu'. 'The Hindu' acts as the unofficial spokesperson of Rajapaksa clique for the last six months of the ongoing Sinhalese Offensive... Continue Reading →

The Great Indian Circus!

Elections 2009 or the Great Indian Circus is underway.  We see every newspaper has dedicated atleast two pages everyday with too many details of the circus. Every News channel is filled with countless analysis. Someone(Probably Arnab Goswami) was remarking the other day that the quality of the Election debate has gone down. But the excited... Continue Reading →

Laatho ke Bhooth!

Congress has finally bowed down before Jarnail's Shoe. Tytler and Sajjan Kumar have announced their exit. Jarnail was looking visibly tired in yesterday's Television show. He was repeating again and again. "I don't want to make a political comment." His shoe has already made a huge political statement and the repercussions we saw in Punjab... Continue Reading →

When Justice fails, Shoes are bound to hurl!

It's just Three months since Zaidi, and we see another shoe hurled at a High Profile politician except the difference in the place and the issue. Yesterday I was watching the umpteen times repeated telecast of the day's Breaking News. Jarnail Singh turned out the otherwise dull, official Afternoon press meet to a burning sensation.... Continue Reading →

Inexcusable Silence!

Yesterday, Arundhathi Roy broke the inexcusable silence with her statement. Though I feel the statement sounds guarded and not so hard-hitting on the role of the Indian State, we can expect this would initiate the process of North Indian intellectuals coming out of their selective silence. The horror that is unfolding in Sri Lanka becomes... Continue Reading →

India is a bigger Terrorist than LTTE!

Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN puts the question with visible annoyment to Advocate Prasad from Chennai. Why do you need to get on the streets? Why Muthukumar, an activist who self-immolated on last Thursday needs to be called a Martyr? After all Srilankan Tamil issue is their internal problem and LTTE is a Terrorist organization. Correspondent... Continue Reading →

Rays of light!

Amidst the sarcasm of Rajapaksa inviting Karunanidhi, the open sidelining of Pranab Mukherjee and the clapping hands to Mahendra Dhoni's strokes, More voices like that of Lasantha Wickramatunge are heard. The SLAF has used more bombs than in Vietnam just in a few months. All these bombs are not going to take away this fact... Continue Reading →

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