You’ll get a slap back.

If a boy (he is so young to be called a man) burns your national flag, you break his hand with your police. If some students shout against your so-called nation, you arrest an young man on sedition. Your pet dog shouts his lungs on a TV channel. You smash people who come to support... Continue Reading →

We Won’t Shut Up!

Haryana's Health and Sports Minister Anil Vij has offered some pearls of wisdom two days before.CHANDIGARH: Haryana's Health and Sports Minister Anil Vij on Tuesday said all those opposing yoga were "traitors", and the mouths of such traitors should be "kept shut". "Yoga is an ancient wisdom through which India has been recognised throughout the... Continue Reading →

Swamy and his friends!

Yesterday(23-08-09) Morning, i was filled with smile admiring the 'story' that came up  in 'The Hindu', on Subramanian swamy, along with Ashok Singhal and Vedantham visiting Chidambaram Nataraja Temple . This is how the story evolves. Dr. Swamy along with Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal and VHP working president S. Vedantham offered worship... Continue Reading →

‘Sunny Deols’ Everywhere!

Image Courtesy: The Hindu Beyond all the uproar of Kasab's four hour long confession, there is a small incident which couldn't find much importance. The court took exception to a remark made in jest by Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam. In a jibe at Ajmal’s lawyer Abbas Kazmi, Mr. Nikam said Ajmal had not mentioned... Continue Reading →

Shaurya:A Courageous Attempt!

Yesterday got a chance to watch 'Shaurya' (Courage), a Hindi Movie by Samar Khan. It seems to have got released on April 2008, and worth to mention, a disaster in Box office. This unnoticed movie has only got mention about the alleged plagiarism with 'A Few Good men' in web and it's surprising to see... Continue Reading →

Bad Morning Mumbai!

While watching the blood boiling images of Mumbai, cynically I got reminded of Vidya Balan saying "Good Morninnnnnnng Mumbai" in Lage Raho Munnabhai and sadly sighed on the bad and horrific morning mumbai is facing with. I have least intetions to vent out my angst as i don't believe in such writing. But what has... Continue Reading →

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