‘Sunny Deols’ Everywhere!

Image Courtesy: The Hindu Beyond all the uproar of Kasab's four hour long confession, there is a small incident which couldn't find much importance. The court took exception to a remark made in jest by Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam. In a jibe at Ajmal’s lawyer Abbas Kazmi, Mr. Nikam said Ajmal had not mentioned... Continue Reading →

Candle light!

The 62 hours fight has come to an end. With the dust and blood settling in, we hear the announcements of a new Federal agency against Terrorism, new home minister, Rice visiting India and Pakistan's cooperation. Indian state is bent on convincing every one that Terrorists are from outside even with out any credible conclusion.... Continue Reading →

Raj Thackrey Missing?

I came across a comment in Rediff which is giving a near to every minute update on Mumbai Happenings. The comment by one Mr.Bolo India follows. Raj Thackrey! by Bolo India on Nov 28, 2008 02:13 PM  Permalink Guys pls give me raj thackrey and Narayan Rane's number...don't know where hide when all this happen.... Continue Reading →

Bad Morning Mumbai!

While watching the blood boiling images of Mumbai, cynically I got reminded of Vidya Balan saying "Good Morninnnnnnng Mumbai" in Lage Raho Munnabhai and sadly sighed on the bad and horrific morning mumbai is facing with. I have least intetions to vent out my angst as i don't believe in such writing. But what has... Continue Reading →

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